Eventful Niagara Wedding Venue

“Falling in love was the easy part; planning a wedding….yikes!”

When deciding where to get married this can be one of the most stressful and daunting tasks of wedding planning.

Ready to meet your own personal Niagara wedding venues concierge? May we introduce event concierge and business owner Laura Beck of Eventful Niagara, where her professional mantra speaks location, location, location.

“I find the perfect venue and location for your event…..when my clients call me at the beginning of their venue search, the couples usually do not know where to start. I’m the perfect connection, because I can help them find a location they may not have even thought of ” Laura explains.

However, an event concierge and an event planner are different suits in the same deck. The tasks overlap but there is a distinction in the roles.

“I help clients come up with the outlines, then the planners come in and fill in the blanks for them. In some cases planners will do site inspections. I know the menus, and the things that make them desirable venues that are not obvious. With the exclusive partnerships I have; they are in place to the benefit my clients,” Beck says.

And as long as couples honour their budgets for their perfect location, there isn’t a place Laura can’t find.

“I just had clients from Mississauga and the bride looked at me halfway through the site viewing and said ‘My God, do you know everybody? Like do you know everything about the region?’ And I said ‘Pretty much’,” Laura exclaims.

Visit Eventful Niagara to find the perfect setting; and did we mention there is no charge to you? Experience white glove service with Laura Beck, our proud Wedding Opera member!

Eventful Niagara Wedding VenueEventful Niagara Wedding VenueEventful Niagara Wedding VenueEventful Niagara Wedding Venue

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