Wedding Planner Erin Bosak

“I treat all my clients as if their weddings were my own, and I just expect a certain level of service,”

Erin Bosak, owner of Erin Bosak Events says matter-of-factly regarding what couples can expect when they leave the planning of their day in her hands.

Based in the Greater Toronto Area with global experience (she’s worked with clients from the United States, Dubai and South Africa who married in Toronto), Erin and her team knows what it takes to juggle every sized detail, while making the end result look effortless.

Perhaps the biggest, and most complicated detail professionals handle are the couples themselves; for Erin, it’s all about flexibility.

“My focus is what their priorities are, as some are hands-on and some leave all the planning and details to us” says Erin

Regardless of couple personalities, everyone loves walking into the room and seeing what their wedding ceremony and reception room finally looks like.

“I worked with a couple from LA a couple years ago, they were looking to get married in Toronto. I had lots of contact with the bride but only a few e-mails from the groom. They had an event in the same room their ceremony was to be held the night before. When the groom walked in before the ceremony started he looked around, high-fived me, and said ‘Now I get it.’,” Erin said

To see what magic Erin can create for you visit Erin Bosak Events here – you will not be disappointed!

Wedding Planner Erin BosakWedding Planner Erin BosakWedding Planner Erin BosakWedding Planner Erin BosakWedding Planner Erin BosakWedding Planner Erin Bosak


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