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As the name suggests, Toronto Wedding Videography company Focus Production prefers that viewers see how the little things – friends, family, wedding vows, shape the couple as a whole, and how the wedding becomes the centre of couples’ lives by showing how love from many sides fuse as one.

Yoong Sang Lee’s expertise in weddings of all kinds, comes from his determination of making sure that every wedding filmed stands up to the Focus test.

“Do you want to make easy money? Or do you want to be proud of your work?” Lee charges.

On top of videography and photography, couples can choose to throwback their memories with a modern wedding album, where choices of covers include image-wrap, leather, velvet, and crystal.

All albums created by Focus Production are assembled and bound by hand. We love that true craftsmanship!

With all the genuine care pouring itself into the final product of the couples’ choice, there’s an ideal reaction that indicates that Focus Production was paying attention.

“When they cry; that’s when I know I got the creative direction right.” Lee says.

Visit  Focus Production  and see the creativity for yourself!

Toronto Wedding Videography Focus Productions_0002Toronto Wedding Videography Focus Productions_0003Toronto Wedding Videography Focus Productions_0004Toronto Wedding Videography Focus Productions_0001Toronto Wedding Videography Focus Productions_0005


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