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We had the pleasure of interviewing none other than Emma Arendoski, the founder of Emmaline Bride Wedding Blog recently!

With over half a million readers a month we found out how she started and what inspires her to stay on top of her game! Here are her true and trusted ideas and advice. Sit back, grab a coffee or tea and enjoy today’s super star contribution!

Hi, I’m Emma Arendoski, the CEO and Editor-in-chief of the wedding blog, Emmaline Bride. I founded Emmaline Bride in 2009 as a place where couples could get inspired with handmade wedding finds. Since then, we’ve established ourselves as the handmade wedding blog where we focus on handmade artisans and unique wedding planning concepts for couples. I love my job — it’s empowering to work with such talented artisans on a daily basis, plus, it’s rewarding to help couples plan a wedding that tells their unique love story.

Now to the wedding planning! In your opinion what is a creative way to personalize your day? 

One of my favourite ways to put a personal touch on your day is with your table décor, specifically table numbers. But, instead of table numbers, you can use table names. For instance, you can use favourite song titles if you’re into music, spices if you’re into cooking, or even flowers if you have a green thumb. Or, name each table after a place you’ve traveled together (or would like to in the future).

Another idea is a table number that includes a photo of the bride and groom at that corresponding age. Table 2 can show those cute two-year-old grins of the bride and groom when they were toddlers: make a copy of the photos and cut them to fit onto a table number card with the bride on the left and groom on the right.

Be sure to put the table number above the photos so they’re easy to identify. Guests love this one: you’ll likely see them walking table to table just to see the adorable photos (especially the funny awkward thirteen-year-old photos, if you have that many tables!)

Any fun and easy 2015 trends that a bride can create herself (or with the help of her friends)?

If I had to pick one wedding detail to tackle yourself (with some help from your girls!), I would suggest favors. Go with something edible: guests seem to love those best. Bake batches of your favorite cookies and place in glassine envelope bags with a personalized label sticker; or, you can cover regular candy bars with custom candy wrappers to make them look wedding-ready.

My favorite is Hershey’s chocolate bars because they’re simple, inexpensive, and nearly everyone likes regular milk chocolate. I even used them for my own wedding (and there were no leftovers!)

If a bride had to choose one luxurious element for her wedding day, what do you think it should be?

 If I had to choose one luxurious element for the bride, it would be her look. I know that includes more than one, but it’s important for the bride to look and feel her best. This means the perfect dress, hair and makeup handled by a pro, and jewelry that make her feel like a princess.

Oh, and don’t forget about those shoes: now’s the day to splurge on a pair that you love. And make sure you wear them before the big day: you don’t want your feet to hurt when you’re ready to dance!

Any tips on how to make sure your wedding day is stress free?

Smile. Relax. Breathe. Sneak away for a few minutes with your groom after the ceremony just to savor your newly wedded bliss. Don’t expect everything to be perfect, just enjoy everything the way it is; this way, you won’t be disappointed if something goes awry.

Remember that everyone is there for you: be generous and kind to wedding vendors, family and friends. Feel good about the preparations you made and enjoy the day. It goes by way too fast.

On a final note, tell us your goals for 2015 both in business and life!

2015 is going to be an exciting year for Emmaline Bride with practical wedding planning tips and advice, stories of Real Brides as they plan their day, brand new giveaways, and more!

2015 will be an exciting year for my personal life, too. I recently released my new book, The Inspired Wedding, and my son will be turning one year old in just a few short months. Finding the balance of life, work, and motherhood has been tricky, but I’ve finally found it! I’ve also unleashed a new blog you can follow all about handmade baby finds + first time parenting tips over at Emmaline Baby.

Emmaline Bride The Inspired Wedding_0001

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