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On the Centre Stage today Hidden Light Films!

Sometimes, opportunities come in unexpected ways. This make a great starting point. Ezra and Shayna’s story of founding Hidden Light Films begins with their own wedding footage going awry.

“As cosmic repentance to save other men from (this) horrible fate” turns the mishap (#understatement) into a company that turns wedding films into cinematographic masterpieces.

Thanks to technology that produces high quality footage without breaking couples’s budgets, and a philosophy to practice organic filming (no directions; no bulky lights), Hidden Light Films believes in building a relationship first.

“The number one thing couples should do when looking for a wedding videographer is to be comfortable with him/her. Number two is take a look at their film reels to see what their style is and if it matches what you want; ask questions. We want to work with couples who are excited about video and want a great video product. It allows us to do what we do best,” Ezra said.

Artful and purposeful work.

“I had one couple approach me after the wedding and they told me that whenever they have a disagreement, they watch their wedding highlights to cheer themselves up,” Ezra said.

Join Ezra and Shayna at Hidden Light Films


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