Gown and Glory Bridal Consignment Boutique

When a bride-to-be envisions her dream wedding dress she sees herself gliding down the aisle in something perfect-falling from the heavens. While we’ve yet to see the ideal confection appearing on brides Disney style, there is a little shop tucked away in Mississauga that’s re-defining brides’ ideas of a perfect dress, every time.

Gown and Glory specializes in selling gowns new, and once-loved, to brides at a reduced price. The store itself happens to be located in Gown and Glory owner Angela Kerry’s home. Brides and their families enjoy the privacy and comfort of a full size studio, complete with a change room, full size mirrors, seating area, and two hours of access to Gown and Glory stock. Brides can find as many as 30 choices in style, all in her dress size, made by designers of high calibre. As the stress tides threaten to drown the joys of wedding planning, Kerry realized there may be one thing brides love more than the dresses: no pressure sales.

“ I hear that from bride after bride. I encourage girls to sleep on it (before purchasing the dress), and think about their day; it all comes down to process of elimination,” she said.

Unlike larger bridal boutiques that ‘strongly recommend’ brides make a decision on the spot, many of them end up purchasing a dress; sometimes more than one dress, out of panic than love.

Brides also walk into Gown and Glory frustrated from seeing repeated styles and designers, the variety-and price range- are very much appreciated.

Speaking of prices, what is it about consignment that makes brides hesitant at first? Kerry says it all comes down to perception.

“People think they’re going to walk in and see old, yellow dresses from the 80s. At Gown and Glory we only accept gowns like new. I love when people come in skeptical and they get a dress like new at 50-70% off.”

For those who are still unsure, the Gown and Glory phone lines are open, waiting to book the appointment.

“I guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you visit Gown and Glory; I would love for you to check it out.”

For more information visit Gown and Glory

Gown and Glory Bridal Consignment BoutiqueGown and Glory Bridal Consignment BoutiqueGown and Glory Bridal Consignment BoutiqueGown and Glory Bridal Consignment BoutiqueGown and Glory Bridal Consignment BoutiqueGown and Glory Bridal Consignment Boutique

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