Photasia Toronto Wedding Photographer

Here on The Wedding Opera, we relish shining the spotlight on companies that do wonders for couples on their special day. May we present Toronto Wedding Photographer Photasia Photography, Re Imagined: a company that realizes a couple’s love in its most beautiful state, as it is.

Founder and lead photographer Carla Da Silva incorporates her love for the beauty of editorial photography and the palpable honesty of photojournalism, into images of couples on their wedding day. What makes Photasia Photography, Reimagined unique is couples can re-create the same energy they had on their wedding day, without the stress.

The second day shooting comes with the wedding package selected by couples prior to their nuptials, and includes a stylist, makeup artist, and an hour of shooting in a carefully selected location, transformed with the couple themselves in mind.

Looking for an encore? visit the Photoasia Photography, Re Imagined.

Photasia Toronto Wedding PhotographerPhotasia Toronto Wedding PhotographerPhotasia Toronto Wedding Photographer

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  1. Carlos

    Oh that head dress is so beautiful, very unique and the red roses. wow

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