Appy Couple is a full, interactive and user friendly mobile application (both i-Phone and Android compatible) that couples, their friends and family can use to create a new meaning behind ‘sharing our special day.’

If you were to design a website that had the look and feel of you and your loved one’s special day, what would it look like? Would your bridal party get to tell their versions of how you met? Would you like to be reminded that your Aunt Cheryl has an allergy to nuts, dairy, and gluten? Would you remember to confirm the mailing address of your friend who has moved overseas?

If any of these hypothetical questions started giving you anxiety, there’s an app for that!

Appy Couple Wedding Website & Wedding App
Appy Couple Wedding Website & Wedding App

Appy Couple gives users over 500 options, including Luxury designs that allows you to create a wedding website that not only looks great, but also takes most of those niggling little hassles out of planning such a momentous occasion. COO Ayesha Ahmad attributes Appy Couple’s success to her round-the-clock staff, and the fact that the app does addresses logistics more and more couples have to deal with when planning their weddings.

“Lots of couples want to do traditional things, but more women are working which means there’s more work to do; and people are much more mobile, just the idea of bringing everyone together will be getting more complex. And it (the app) still feels more intimate, it’s one to many as opposed to one to one,” she said.

To name a few examples of how Appy Couple makes the people part of wedding planning easier, couples can send notifications to their invites to remind them to RSVP and receive an updated list in their inbox instantly, core logistics like the venue address, dress code, and culinary needs are on the website that guests can refer to as often as needed (side note: this totally saves paper and frees up the budget for your handcrafted invitations), and has privacy settings couples can adjust so that everyone sees what they’re meant to see.

Despite some hesitation about creating an app for a wedding day, those who use Appy Couple love it. According to Ahmad, that comes from CEO Sharmeen Mitha whose dedication keeps her in communication with her clients. “She still answers customer service questions,” Ahmad said.

While Appy Couple won’t replace the printed invitation anytime soon, the company does plan to ‘laser focus’ on breaking more ground in a new aspect of the wedding market. In the meantime, Ahmad takes a few minutes to enjoy the appreciation most customers share of the product online.

“When I see what customers say about it, it’s very gratifying.”

Curious? Stressed? Want to bring cutting edge technology to your wedding planning? Check out Appy Couple here

Appy Couple
Appy Couple


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