Emmaline Bride Wedding Details by Emma Arendoski

It probably comes as no surprise that your wedding is going to be an expensive endeavor — even more so if you want your special day to be one you’ll always remember. Temptation is everywhere as hard-to-resist details dangle and sparkle at every turn — so what to do if you’re determined to reign in costs and stay on budget? My new book, The Inspired Wedding, is filled, literally, with thousands of wedding-theme details from artists and designers across the globe that will make your big day both personal and unforgettable. This post will focus on my top five recommendations for elements I consider “splurge- worthy.”

1. Your Attire (aka “The Gown”)

Whether it’s backless, strapless, halter-style, open back, long sleeve, or short sleeve, the wedding gown is one part where brides spend big. But, that doesn’t always mean your wedding gown has to be expensive. Splurge-worthy details such as a vintage beaded sash, a gorgeous pair of heels, an elegant piece of jewelry, or a one-of-a-kind headpiece will ensure that your wedding-day look is unlike anyone else’s.

Emmaline Bride Emma Arendoski_0001
Gown: gibson bespoke, www.gibsonbespoke.etsy.com; photo: KirstyLyn Jameson of KLJ Photography

2 & 3. The Reception: Music and Food

Guests remember two things after a wedding: the music and the food. My splurge-worthy recommendation for the music? Hire a deejay. You won’t regret it! They will keep things moving (literally), and you can ask them to announce the toasts, the first dance, and the cutting of the cake, in addition to supplying a steady stream of tunes your guests will enjoy.

The reception menu can go in so many directions. From a full-service dinner, to an appetizer buffet, to a barbeque where guests are given bibs to wear — make it fun, memorable, and top notch. Thank them for sharing your day with wedding-day favors and a personalized memento from both of you.

4. Wedding Party Gifts

A thoughtful, specially chosen gift for members of your wedding party is definitely worthy of a splurge. Thank them for being part of your wedding day and all that lead up to it: for taking time off work, for pitching at for the bachelor or bachelorette party, and for just being there as a listening ear when you spouted off about the wedding gown search, again. Spoil them with a gift that shows them how much you value and appreciate their presence.

Emmaline Bride Emma Arendoski_0002
Photo: kapture studios, www.kapturestudios.ca via emmaline bride

5. That “One” Detail

There’s one detail that every couple dreams of having at their wedding. Maybe it’s a romantic horse-drawn carriage or a vintage car bringing you to the ceremony, a roaming violinist playing romantic tunes at the reception, a fantasy honeymoon locale, or even a bouncy castle — this is the time to indulge in your splurge-worthy dream.

Emmaline Bride Emma Arendoski_0003
Photos: vowed and amazed

You can find even more fun wedding planning tips, tricks, and ideas in my new book, The Inspired Wedding, in bookstores now. You can also visit my blog at EmmalineBride.com


  1. Christine March

    Hi Emma, Thanks for sharing your Top 5 Splurges. To this list I would add photography. In 30 years most couples won’t remember all the many, beautiful details of their special day. I always encourage my couples to invest in the very best photographer they can. Memories fade; photographs remain.

    • Wedding Opera

      Hi Christine,

      Thank you for stopping by! We do agree – professional photography should be a top-notch priority – artful quality photography is worth the splurge!

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