Tudor Heritage Watch_Wedding Gifts for Him Wedding gift groom

Looking for the perfect wedding gift for your groom?

Men know what to find for the special woman that represents his love; they know what to find that represents their forever. But there is a piece, complete with unique features that showcase what makes him special, that represents her timeless love for him: a watch. Specifically a Tudor Heritage Advisor watch, a perfect wedding gift for groom.

The Tudor Heritage Advisor blends vintage elegance with modern functionality. A celebration of the iconic 1957 alarm watch, the Tudor Heritage Advisor showcases a larger face, complete with shades of velvety black and a traditional woven silk strap; an embodiment of comfort and style on the wrist. The Advisor uses an automatic mechanical movement, with an additional alarm function exclusively developed by Tudor, as well as the hours, minutes, date, alarm with ‘on/off’ indicators, and power reserve.

The chameleon-like look, comfortable feel, and Tudor-crafted functionality of The Tudor Heritage Advisor, is for the man who needs his wardrobe to keep up with his day. The board meeting, corporate lunch, negotiations and game night keep him moving; the Tudor Heritage Advisor keeps him just as stylish.

For more information about selecting a piece that further defines the man in your life, visit the official Tudor website at www.tudorwatch.com.

Tudor Heritage Watch_Wedding Gifts for Him


  1. Indian Wedding Cards

    Love this Watch. My Father in Law gifted me Titan Watch.

  2. Nilesh Parekh

    Lovely watch! I loved the gift given to the groom. Thank you for sharing this post! keep updating with more such blogs!

  3. Nparekh

    Lovely!! This will be the best gift for son-in-law. Thank you for such a wonderful post! Keep updating with more such posts

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