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We all know that one couple. They see their love vast and organic, as natural as the air we breathe. Their ideal celebration includes close friends and family, secluded in a barn, or a garden shed, enjoying a wedding that is planned, but still feels buoyant, just like them.

Perhaps they are especially creative, and love the idea of making a space that allows everyone close to them to celebrate their new lives together; or maybe they just love the idea of a DIY wedding and are daring enough to experiment with ideas on their own.

Either way, they impress (and usually mystify) you.

Master decorator, editor of Prairie Style magazine, and celebrated blogger of Chez Fifi, Fifi O’Neill spends her time channeling a similar vision into her rustic elegance themed decor, and her third book Prairie-Style Weddings: Rustic and Romantic Farm, Woodland, and Garden Celebrations (Chronicle Books) breathes an elegant life into the idea of ‘country weddings’.

“It’s not the same as Little House on the Prairie, it’s a refined country look-rustic refined. The same concept goes towards vintage looks-it doesn’t always mean looks from the 30s; themes like ‘modern vintage’ can exist because it refers more to the state of mind than the decor itself,” Fifi explained.

In short, a prairie themed wedding showcases elegance, quirkiness, and approachability. A rare find as a detailed resource specifically for rustic-themed weddings, Prairie Style Weddings includes over 150 beautiful photographs shot by Mark Lohman, which leaves gives couples plenty of inspiration.

Case in point: a metal basket, cord, light bulb, and strings of faux pearls make a lovely chandelier.

Those lucky enough to get a copy of Prairie-Style Weddings are enamoured with Fifi’s touch-which are inspired from her parents’ stone cottage in the meadows of France, and in Manitoba, where she lived for 14 years.

“I think I left my heart in the Prairies,” Fifi mused.

Nostalgia aside, the book itself was a challenge to make. But what made the entire process worthwhile, in her opinion, are the people who threw their energy and talents into making the book what it is; they were all thanked in her book. The gesture represents another popular theme in rustic weddings, and according to Fifi, could be practiced more in the professional world: support.

“They didn’t know I was going to mention them (in the book), and I think that’s really worth sharing. It rewards me to reward them.”

Like what you see? Stay tuned for our Prairie Style Weddings giveaway! Contest details to come.


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