As we say farewell to 2014, it is a time to reflect and to optimistically look forward to the new adventures that are about to unfold.

A time to learn from our past mistakes, measure our progress, assess our dreams, hopes and goals.

2014 was a year of transition for me. Major transition.

It was a year where I was faced with major life lessons, which eventually sorted themselves out through the experience of their happenings.

As any major breakthrough, decision or revelation, we are often faced with self-doubt, fear and wondering why this has been presented to us!

We need to ask ourselves; what do we know for sure?

Call it a gut instant, a burning desire to succeed, a calling, a soul-searching journey. We all have this in common. A common of not giving into what we know is NOT for sure.

As a creative professional this instinct cannot always be easily measured, easily tracked or obtained. But it is a feeling and a light that must be followed.

As we enter January 2015, this marks the one-year anniversary of The Wedding Opera, and it has been a journey full of relentless work, sleepless nights, brainstorming sessions, and incredible collaborations. It has been a pleasure to see this platform evolve and unfold.

When we first started planning and creating The Wedding Opera, I had a vision for a platform where weddings were showcased to inspire planning couples. A place where relentless creativity was at the forefront, integrity recognized, and innovation discovered. Sharing this energy, educating brides and grooms, while connecting the beauty and expertise of creating a space, a masterpiece, and ultimately an experience which connects human beings together in the form of a life event and celebration.

I was wrapped in my dreams of making this place a reality when I was tempted by the promise of a new partnership, a collaboration, one which ultimately veered me off track my vision for a few months.

I never take anything for granted and believe in the bigger picture of all coincidences and interactions with people. I always trusted that everything happens for a reason. I still do. This reminded me to look back at something that I truly believed in. That something was that I needed to trust that I could not necessarily see the dots connecting looking forward, but that I could trust that the dots would connect looking back. (Thank you, Steve Jobs!)

As we enter 2015, I know that the dots are connecting.

The Wedding Opera has had the pleasure of working with and publishing the work of some of the top wedding professionals in the world!

We have also secured some incredible partnerships which we will be announcing over the next few months. I could not have dreamt of a better beginning to 2015!

I wish to thank everyone that has supported us, worked with us, contributed to our blog, has written for us, and has joined forces with us as members!

We are thrilled to start off this New Year and are looking forward to an amazing one inspiring and connecting professionals with our quality clientele.

 “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” ― Andy Rooney

We could not have come this far without you! We wish you all an incredible new year with endless possibilities!


With love and grace,

Johanna Nichola, Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director





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  1. Kathie Barone

    Very nicely stated, Johanna! Happy that life is great again and your light is shining! I told you the first time I met you that you had a very rare and lovely talent, and that is how you make others feel. You are genuine, kind and very talented, so I know that 2015 will be your best year. Thank you, and THe Wedding Opera, for the collaborations!!! And a HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL 2015 to you!


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