Hidden Light Films Toronto Wedding Cinematography_0001

When Ezra from Hidden Light Films sent us this wedding cinematography masterpiece, I must say I’ve been smitten since and have not been able to stop watching it!

It all started on a beautiful summer’s day.

With beautiful couple Julia & Simon, and the incredible talent behind the lens this wedding has the most electric energy anyone could ever imagine experiencing.

“Some couples are subtle so you have to work a little harder to find those moments, those glances, that smile.  Not the case with Julia and Simon.  They were so full of life and energy and happiness that it was just contagious.  It seemed as though every frame we shot was glowing.  From the way the sunlight fell through the trees, to the candlelight dancing off the ceiling, everything just worked” Ezra Krybus

At EVERY wedding something happens once 80% of the guests have left that just blows you away.  At around midnight, Julia and Simon’s wedding turned into a crazy dance party.  Julia got on stage to sing with her father and there was pure happiness exuding from the speakers.

“I’m not a fan of directing couples and staging them as if they were actors.  I want our videos to be genuine and I want the couples to be relaxed. There is so much magic happening at a wedding.  My role is to capture that magic not try to create it.  When you try to interfere with the magic, you just end up destroying it” Ezra Krybus

This wedding has undeniable character and charisma, and Ezra and his team captured that magic perfectly.  Every time I watch the video it puts a smile on my face!

“My hope is that in 20 years when Julia and Simon’s kids watch the video, it will put a smile on their faces as well” Ezra Krybus


Cinematography: Hidden Light Films

Photography: Scarlet O’Neil

Venue: The Westin Prince

Band: Sole Power Productions

Event Planner: Melissa Baum Events

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