Chantal Dubé Harpist Toronto Harpist The Wedding Opera

The sound of class, sophistication and elegance, meet professional Toronto Wedding Harpist, Chantal Dubé

Have the most luxurious instrument of all time on all your special day! The harp not only provides romantic music but also provides a luxurious look creating the perfect ambiance, and professional harpist Chantal Dubé is one of Toronto’s finest. Chantal is recommended by some of Toronto’s best venues and event planners.  She has been performing at special events for over 18 years in the GTA, Caledon, Halton Hills, and the Niagara Region. Years of experience have made Dubé a seasoned professional whose passion for the harp is evident in every note!


“It’s a timeless instrument that lends its beauty and elegance to create the perfect wedding atmosphere. The acoustic touch of the harp creates a real fairy tale moment. Its musical language weaves a soothing ambiance unmatched by any other instrument.” – Chantal Dubé


Dubé’s love of the harp began at the age of four. She was trained under her mother’s expert tutelage. Her mother, who owned and operated her own piano studio, remained a constant inspiration in Chantal’s life as she explored her passion for music and ultimately, the harp. Chantal advanced her harp-playing techniques through studies with Principal Harpists from the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Niagara Symphony. Since 1996 Chantal has been sharing her musical prowess with others through performing at occasions such as weddings, banquets and business events.

Her broad repertoire includes classical, Celtic, hymns, popular, and contemporary music. Based on her many years of experience catering to a vast clientele Chantal strives to help couples achieve their desired atmosphere by customizing a play list to their liking. She feels it’s important to choose music specific to your personal taste but also taking into consideration the mood you want to create for your occasion. As a professional harpist Chantal has worked with some of the finest venues including the Trump Hotel, The Ritz Carlton, Casa Loma, Angus Glen, Graydon Hall Manor, Millcroft Inn and Spa, Oliver and Bonacini, Mississauga Grand and many more! The woman behind the harp is equally as enchanting as the melodies that she strums upon it.

Toronto Wedding Harpist Chantal Dubé

Chantal’s second passion is giving back to her community, and she does so in a very unique and special way. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering at the Credit Valley Hospital playing her harp in the NICU for the premature babies as the harp has been scientifically proven to benefit preemies. Not only is she a professional harpist but also a music teacher. With music credentials in several areas, Chantal teaches harp, piano, and keyboard out of her home in hopes of encouraging others to nurture their own passion for music.

With the golden touch on the harp and a heart of gold, all in all, Chantal Dubé’s dedication, talent, heart and spirit make her a magical edition to any event that yearns for that timeless sophistication that only a harpist can bring. For more information about Chantal Dubé or to inquire about bookings visit her website and blog

Toronto Wedding Harpist Chantal Dubé The Wedding Opera

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