With the vast majority of photographers offering engagement photography as an optional add-on, you might find yourself wondering just why are engagement photos so important?

If your photographer prices them as an afterthought, why should you put them on your list of priorities?

While I could probably write a list of about one-hundred reasons, for the ease of the readers I’ve narrowed it down to my top five reasons to take engagement photos:

Learning to take directions. Your photographer will have a big camera, a huge, honkin’ lens and they’ll be directing you; put a hand here, push out a hip there, lean that way… you’re going to feel like you’re in some kind of cirque-du-soleil inspired yoga class. Taking directions in front of a camera can be difficult but once you see the resulting images, you’ll realize that your photographer was on to something with that weird pose they were trying to get you into. Once you arrive at your wedding day photo session, you’ll not only be able to flow better with your photographers directions but you’ll also be more comfortable in front of the camera which leads to a nicer body posture and an better candid shots in between all the posed ones.

Practice feeling awkward. So you’re going to learn how to take posing directions from your photographer, but what about those awesome intimate shots of the couple kissing or embracing? When’s the last time you had someone purposely photograph you in an emotional moment? It can absolutely be awkward to let yourself feel slightly vulnerable and let your emotions show in front of the camera but the only way to get accustomed to it is to practice, practice, practice! Most couples feel a little awkward at the beginning of an engagement sessions but feel awesome after. The awkward feeling goes away and it replaced with confidence in not only their relationship but in their photographer. Having that practice before the wedding means that come the wedding day, you can tackle your photo session with ultra-confidence and rock every shot!

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Making a new friend. You may not go as far as feeling the need to take your photographer out for a drink or invite them to your next birthday party, but you should really, really like your photographer! During your engagement session, you’ll get to know your photographer so much better than you ever could during a consult. You’ll get to see how they work, their flow during a portrait session, and their ability to connect with you. Next time to see them – on your wedding day – you’ll feel like you’re seeing an old friend and will be infinitely more comfortable the minute they take out their camera.

Testing photo locations. Many couples are unsure of what type of look they want for their wedding photos; do they want something architectural? Something modern? Something green and natural? Choosing to take engagement photos lets you test-drive a location to see if it’s a good fit for you and your style.

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Understanding how long it actually takes. Without the help of either an awesome planner or super-helpful vendors, couples are often left in the dark when it comes to knowing precisely how long certain parts of the wedding day can take. Couples often arbitrarily choose an amount of time for photos without knowing if it’s a reasonable amount of time for the photographer to accomplish everything they need to do to meet the clients expectations. Participating in an engagement session pre-wedding will help the bride and groom learn more about a photo session flows, the length of time it can take and the variety of poses you can get based on the length of time you have together. This can help the couple build a wedding day schedule that allows for a more appropriate amount of time for photos.

There are so many reasons to take engagement photos and we sincerely hope that today’s article has helped you understand more about the important of booking that session!

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