We are proud to present Simone Carvalli’s 2015 Haute Couture Collection.

Bringing you its newest Haute Couture collection, Simone Carvalli emphasizes sophisticated silhouettes, exquisite Swarovski crystal beading application paired with luxurious silk fabrics and contemporary applications of classic style.

Today’s wedding dresses incorporate principles of architecture and romantic design.

That kind of precision is evident in each Simone Carvalli garment, which is crafted by revolutionary needlework and sewing technologies and refined fabrications designed to envelope the bride’s figure.

Showcasing last week at New York City’s International Bridal Week, we have it here for you!

Simon Carvalli_0001Simon Carvalli_0002Simon Carvalli_0003Simon Carvalli_0004Simon Carvalli_0005Simon Carvalli_0006Simon Carvalli_0007Simon Carvalli_0008Simon Carvalli_0009Simon Carvalli_0010Simon Carvalli_0011Simon Carvalli_0015Simon Carvalli_0016Simon Carvalli_0012Simon Carvalli_0013Simon Carvalli_0014Simon Carvalli_0017

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