Finding a wedding photographer that you love is so important!

Aside from your bridesmaids, the wedding photographer will be the person who spends the most time with you on your wedding day.

This means you not only want to choose someone whose style you like but also someone who you actually want to be around for hours on end on one of the most beautiful – and possibly stressful – days of your life.

Knowing how to find a wedding photographer you absolutely adore can be simple if you follow these tips:

Step #1 – Talk to your recently married friends and co-workers. Despite the digital age we live in, old fashioned word-of-mouth is still an amazing and often untapped resource! If you don’t have a lot of recently married friends, that’s okay! Your wedding planner is also a fantastic resource – ask them who they would recommend.

Step #2 – The website, the portfolio and the prices. A photographer’s website is the equivalent to an old fashioned storefront. If you had a store, you would want to put your nicest display in the windows in hopes that it would invite customers in. A storefront if only good if you can find the door, though. A photographers website tells you a lot about them; if it’s difficult to navigate despite being beautiful, it may be a sign that they are focused more on the art they produce than on customer service. Once you do navigate through a photographers website; take a look at their portfolio. Do you like their style? Do you like the way they pose people? Do you like the lighting? Do you like the colours in the editing? A photographer is part business-person and part artist; their style is their own and it cannot be changed. You cannot ask a photographer to process their images in a vintage tone if you see nothing of the sort on their website. Instead, try finding a photographer whose portfolio matches your desired style.

After looking through a portfolio, check the photographers prices page (often called ‘Investment’ or ‘Packages’) If there is no link to pricing, send an email to request it. There’s no reason that a photographer cannot provide pricing prior to consult. Knowing if a photographer is within your budget prior to consult is important; you don’t want to take time out of your busy schedule to meet with a photographer whose pricing is beyond your budget. It’s just not productive for either you or the photographer.

Toronto Wedding Photography

Step #3 – Book your consultation. Once you’ve seen their website and have requested pricing (if it’s not already on their website) it’s time to book a consultation. It’s at this consultation where you’ll meet face-to-face and be able to better see if your personalities are compatible. Is this photographer someone you can sit there and chat with for another hour? Or do you feel like they’re just giving you a generic sales-pitch and telling you what your needs are instead of listening to them. It’s possible that you can love someone’s work but not their personality. It’s sad, but it can happen. If that’s the case… it’s okay to walk away. Remember, your photographer will be spending countless hours with you on your wedding day; private moments, emotional moments and even stressful moments. You want to surround yourself with people you trust and enjoy being around.

Pro Tip: Schedule no more than 3 consults with 3 photographers. You should be able to narrow your search down to 3 before deciding to take the time to meet in person. Schedule your consults within a close period of time; ideally within the same week. This will ensure that all the information is fresh in your mind and will minimize the chances that the first photographer you met with will get booked by another couple while you’re trying to make your choice.

Step #4 – Secure them! When you feel that connection, secure that photographer right away! Don’t be afraid to book at consult if your instinct tells you that they are the best fit for you.

One final thought about booking vendors… Be aware of the gimmicks. Just because a photographer is offering you more “stuff” doesn’t mean they are offering you better service. Do you want to choose the photographer that’s giving you a free second shooter and album? Or do you want to choose the photographer whose images you adore and whose personality matches yours?

Toronto Wedding Photography

Although finding a wedding photographer can seem like a daunting task, by following a few helpful tips you can find you can streamline the process and find your perfect match!

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