Eganridge Golf Club

A perfect place for a wedding, Fenelon Falls is a village know as the “Jewel of the Kawarthas”. This quaint town is nestled in central Ontario and is know for its natural beauty, waterways and stunning waterfalls. Sounds quite perfect to us!

Do we have a soft spot in our hearts for all things vintage inspired? Yes we do!

We adore the lace embellished brides dress, the dapper groom and his groomsmen, and we are totally in love with the emotional first glance!

The images are graced with just the right amount of natural light, a photography style we just can’t get enough of!

Thank you Cy, of Sawyer Photography for sharing this lovely Eganridge Golf & Country Club wedding with us!

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Photography: Cy Sawyer and Garnet Barber of Sawyer Photography

Ceremony: Our Lady Queen of peace Church, Bobcaygeon, Ontario

Catering & Reception Venue: Eganridge Golf & Country Club, Fenelon Falls, Ontario

Brides Gown: Bonny Canada

Hair: Trish’s Hair Salon

Bride’s and Bridesmaid’s Make-Up: Christa at Perilously Pretty

Groom’s Attire: Suit It Up Canada

DJ: Hitman Entertainment

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Johanna Nichola
Johanna Nichola
About me

Johanna worked as a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years. Now, Founder and CEO of The Wedding Opera & The Business of Weddings, Johanna helps wedding & event professionals invigorate their creativity, master mindset, set measurable goals, learn new business tools and strategies so they can grow their businesses and create a life they love. The Wedding Opera is dedicated to helping brides and grooms plan amazing events and connect with inspiring wedding vendors across the world.


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Tracy Nolan
Reply September 29, 2014

Great photos! You did an amazing job, Cy
I just love the photo of the bride & groom, walking, holding hands & the huge sun. The couple look like a silhouette.....gorgeous!

    Cy Sawyer
    Reply October 1, 2014

    Thank you Tracy!

    That images is one my favourits as well. I had that shot planned from day one. Eganridge is a beautiful venue.


Linda, Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Reply September 29, 2014

These are beautiful wedding photos. The groomsmen shots are my favourite.

    Cy Sawyer
    Reply October 1, 2014

    Thank you Linda.

    They were a very cool bunch of guys.

Reply October 5, 2014

So happy with Cy's photography that weekend, we get compliments constantly on what outstanding photos we have.

Just wanted to point out the make up (for the bride and bridesmaids) was done by Christa at

Thanks again Cy!

    Johanna Nichola
    Wedding Opera
    Reply October 5, 2014

    Thank you for your comment! We enjoyed sharing your beautiful wedding! We have updated the Make-Up credit!

Reply October 6, 2014

What beautiful, beautiful photos! I love what you did with the groom and groomsmen and so many fabulous shots of the bride and groom. The ones with the sun and moon. *sigh* LOVELY!

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