Lladró will showcase its new world of color possibilities at unique event today April 28th at beautiful Lladró Boutique in New York, located at 500 Madison Avenue, NYC.

Guests will be able to experience the intricate handcrafted process behind all Lladró sculptures at a painting demonstration by Amparo Martinez, an accomplished artist from The City of Porcelain in Valencia, Spain, were all Lladró pieces are created. Amparo will show how each Lladró piece is carefully painted at the brand’s workshops, brush stroke by brush stroke, by the expert hands of trained artists.

For this unique occasion, renowned Interior Designer Amy Lau will produce a special vignette combining the spectacular porcelain pieces from the Naturofantastic Collection with colorful arrangements of delicious cupcakes from Carlos Bakery, the famous family owned bakery that produces what many say are the best tasting, highest quality wedding cakes, specialty cakes and baked goods in New Jersey.

This event will be the launch of Lladró’s new spring collection, formed by spectacular functional and decorative creations in a wide range of colors that include new palettes never seen in the brand before.

Today, the brand’s palette contains more than 4,000 colors. In close collaboration with the laboratory, Lladró artists research the different varieties of colors required by each model, together with their varying densities, saturation, textures and nuances. A talented team joins to carefully examine every tone and nuance, until the desired result is achieved. Special chromatic palettes are developed for some of these pieces, contributing to keep the brand in continuous artistic and technical evolution.

Enjoy this inspirational masterpiece!



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